Rawinsonde (RAOB) Data Archive

The IEM proceses and archives Rawinsonde (RAOB) data made available on the rucsoundings.noaa.gov website. This archive also contains data from other sources to backfill it to the 1940s. Data for the United States and Canada is available. This data are vertical profiles of the atmosphere taken from weather balloons released twice daily.

Available Tools:

Download Data

This form provides a simple comma delimited file of RAOB data, the columns should be self-explainatory except the 'levelcode' column. Those values provide metadata on that level of data. The start time is inclusive and end time is exclusive. Special soundings should be in this archive as well.

Level Codes
  • 4 = mandatory level
  • 5 = significant level
  • 6 = wind level (PPBB)
  • 7 = tropopause level
  • 8 = maximum wind level
  • 9 = surface level
Output Datafile Columns
station      3 or 4 character station identifier
validUTC     RAOB Launch Cycle Time in UTC
levelcode    Level Code for this observation
pressure_mb  Pressure of data in millibar
height_m     Height above sea level m
tmpc         Air Temperature in C
dwpc         Dew Point Temperature in C
drct         Wind Direction in deg from North
speed_kts    Wind Speed in knots
bearing      Balloon bearing in degree
range_sm     Ballon range from launch in statute miles
Select Site: Start Time: End Time: Download to disk

JSON(P) Webservice

A jsonp webservice exists that currently emits one RAOB profile at a time provided a site and valid timestamp in UTC. Please visit the IEM JSON Services for more details. For the impatient, the example URI is: