ASOS Network

Reports: Hourly
Stations: 15
The Automated Surface Observing System (ASOS) is considered to be the flagship automated observing network. Located at airports, the ASOS stations provide essential observations for the National Weather Service (NWS), the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), and the Department of Defense (DOD). The primary function of the ASOS stations are to take minute-by-minute observations and generate basic weather reports.[1]

Observations from the ASOS network are nationally monitored for quality 24 hours per day. Depending on the trouble, maintenance can be performed on the same day.

Current ASOS Data:

1 Minute Archive:

The National Center for Environmental Information (NCEI) provides an archive of one minute interval observations from many US ASOS sites back to the year 2000. This archive is available here, but in a terrible format! The IEM makes a best-guess effort at processing the mostly undocumented data format and updates the archive daily. This dataset is not realtime and is delayed by 18-36 hours or more due to NCEI availability.

Data is available for some sites back to 2000.

Quality Control:

Historical Data:


(The RUC2 is an operational forecast model run by the Weather Service.)

1 Adapted from the ASOS User's Guide