Archived Model Output Statistics (MOS)

The National Weather Service operates a number of operational weather prediction models. These models produce a gridded forecast that is then processed thru a series of equations (Model Output Statistics) to produce a site specific forecast. You can find out more about MOS on the NWS's website. The IEM maintains an interactive MOS archive to support local research and makes it available for others to use as well.

Archive Status:

AVN1 June 200016 Dec 2003
ETA24 Feb 20029 Dec 2008
GFS16 Dec 2003--Realtime--
GFS LAMP (abbr LAV) [0, 6, 12, 18]12 Jul 2020--Realtime--
GFS Extended (abbr MEX)12 Jul 2020--Realtime--
NAM9 Dec 2008--Realtime--
NBS [0, 7, 12, 19z]7 Nov 201825 Feb 2020
NBS [1, 7, 13, 19z]26 Feb 2020--Realtime--
NBE [1, 7, 13, 19z]23 Jul 2020--Realtime--

The MOS products are processed in realtime and immediately available from the applications listed below.

Current Tools:

Note: MOS variables are stored as their raw encodings in the text product, except wdr (wind direction) which is multiplied by 10 for its true value.

Current Plots