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Key: IDOT RWIS IDOT Track-A-Plow Media Webcams

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This webpage should dynamically update while in "Realtime" mode, so there is no need to refresh the page. If you click the "Archive" mode option, a time selector will appear and all presented data should be approximately valid at that time.

Routinely, the IEM is archiving webcam imagery every 5 minutes. During interesting weather, this interval is decreased to every 1 minute. So if you pick a minute (ie 35) divisible by 5, you are most likely to get an archived image.

The media webcams have pan-tilt-zoom capabilities along with the option to request a live image. The arrows on the map indicate the direction the webcam is pointed in, but can sometimes be wrong for various painful reasons.

More information on the IEM's webcam work can be found here.