IEM Daily Feature
Tuesday, 18 June 2024

Five Days with 70+ Lows

Posted: 18 Jun 2024 05:30 AM

Some morning storms on Monday helped reinforce a boundary over the state and your location relative to that boundary made a big difference for temperatures felt during the afternoon. South of this boundary, it was another day in the 90s with sticky over night lows mostly in the 70s. For Cedar Rapids, it was the second day with a low temperature of at least 70 degrees. The present forecast for the city has a chance of three more additional days with a low of at least 70. The featured chart presents the day of the year frequency of participating within such a stretch of warm low temperature weather. Overall and thankfully, these events are rather rare. Having such a stretch during mid June would not be without precedent with a handful of previous years having an earlier streak.

Good = 8
Bad = 0