IEM Daily Feature
Thursday, 06 June 2024

Ames Daily Precipitation

Posted: 06 Jun 2024 05:30 AM

Our current wet and unsettled weather pattern continued on Wednesday with another round of showers and thunderstorms visiting the state. The featured chart presents the daily precipitation reports for the Ames airport since 1 March. Over the past 18 days, only four of them were without even a trace of precipitation. All this rainfall was certainly welcome for a drought stricken state, but we could certainly use some dry weather as well to help finish spring season agricultural field work and other industries like construction. The present Weather Prediction Center Precipitation Forecasts and Climate Prediction Center outlooks have not much for upcoming significant rainfall. Of course, sometimes folks want to be careful what they wish for as this is the climatological peak precipitation season, so any dry weather now can quickly turn into significant departures if multiple weeks of limited rain stack up.

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Bad = 0
Abstain = 1