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Warning Geometries

24 Feb 2016 05:34 AM
Severe Weather hit the deep south on Tuesday with the NWS issuing a number of warnings for the event. These warnings are polygons outlining the geographical area under the threat. The IEM generates a daily summary image showing these geometries and the featured image is displays these sorted by size from largest to smallest. Many of these warnings have odd looking shapes due to long term political and policy issues with how NWS offices are permitted to issue such warnings. More severe weather is expected today, but the action again will be well south and east of Iowa.

Good: 29
Bad: 20
Abstain: 20

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Warnings on 9 Jan 2008

Graphical warning composite

09 Jan 2008 07:42 AM
The IEM produces a daily summary composite of Storm Based Warnings with diagnostic statistics on their size and size reduction versus the previous warning system. The system is new and still has some limitations due to political boundaries and land/water boundaries, but is a step in the right direction.

Good: 12
Bad: 7

Tags:   sbw