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Ever Growing Archive

09 Sep 2016 05:35 AM
Since the beginning of the project, the IEM has archived a number of datasets and products to support research efforts. This archive is made immediately available within a browsable directory tree. The featured chart displays a report of the amount of data archived each day and the accumulated size of the file based storage. A number of data points are labelled when archiving changes created an uptick in volume size. Although the cost of storing data continues to decrease, the size of various products that would be nice to archive continues to increase.

Good: 20
Bad: 0
Abstain: 1

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3,500th Daily Feature

27 Oct 2015 05:36 AM
Today's IEM Daily Feature is the 3,500th! Since early 2002, the Daily Feature has attempted to provide something interesting on a daily basis relevant to the current weather. The featured chart today presents a few metrics about this feature including the time of day for posting it and the percentage of votes that are good. For the past few years, an option was added to abstain for voting as well! The abstain was added for users that never wish to vote good, but do not wish to vote bad either. :)The bottom chart shows a downtrend in good voting, which is hopefully not a reflection of the quality of the features! Some may vote bad as a commentary on the rainy/yucky weather moreso than the feature itself!

Good: 23
Bad: 16
Abstain: 8

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3,000th Daily Feature

20 Nov 2013 05:34 AM
Today's IEM Daily Feature is the 3,000th in the series! The featured chart presents a time series and linear fit of time each day the feature was posted and the percentage of total votes that were in the good category. The chart shows features getting posted earlier and getting a higher percentage of good votes! Are those two trends correlated? Anyway, I enjoy attempting to provide something informative and relevant each day. The weather is always interesting and the large archive the IEM has collected over the past twelve years provides an endless supply of things to show. Here's to the next 3,000 features!

Good: 67
Bad: 4
Abstain: 5

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10 years of webcam imagery

23 Jul 2013 05:30 AM
Yesterday marked the 10th year of webcam imagery collection by the IEM. This is thanks to our partners (KCCI-TV, KCRG-TV, KELO-TV, and the Iowa Department of Transportation) who allow us to collect and archive images from their respective networks. The featured chart shows the number of images saved per year along with the first image collected from the KCCI-TV webcam in Jefferson back in 2003. These images are valuable environmental data providing easily discernible visual reports of sky and ground conditions. Along the way, over 300 lapses have been uploaded to YouTube, including a very popular Gravity Wave video with over 1.3 million views!

Good: 64
Bad: 8

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Archiving Data

26 Jun 2013 06:10 AM
The main goal of the IEM is to archive data and then provide that data for download on the website. The featured chart displays the daily archive size of the imagery and data files stored. Some labels are shown when new datasets were added to the archive routine that significantly increased the daily archive size. The current daily archive is around 15 gigabytes in size, which is many times greater than that of just a few years ago. Thankfully, data storage continues to decrease in cost and the ability to archive many terabytes per year is tenable.

Good: 71
Bad: 11

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2,500th Daily Feature

23 Jan 2012 08:05 AM
I started posting IEM Daily Feature's back in early 2002 as a means to get people to visit the website daily and also highlight plots that show interesting weather and climate data. Today's feature is the 2,500th one in the series, so the presented plot looks at the time of day this feature message is posted each day. The plot illustrates the process of aging for human males with activities starting earlier in the morning with the passing years. If the trend continues, I'll be posting daily features at 3 AM in the year 2022! Hehe.

Good: 30
Bad: 5

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2,000th Feature

10 Feb 2010 04:54 AM
It was just over eight year ago that the first IEM Daily Feature was posted. The purpose of the feature was to post something interesting and relevant to Iowa's current weather and climate. The early years of the daily feature were mostly lame, but after I added a voting option the feature quality improved due to personal pride of not having a poorly rated feature. Today is the 2,000th feature post and the featured image contains a 6x6 pixel square from each feature to illustrate nothing in particular :) Anyway, I am glad folks seem to still enjoy my daily ramblings and I try to make each worth your time to read. Cheers and here is to the next 2,000 features!

Good: 42
Bad: 7

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1500th Feature

I (heart) Daily Feature

14 Feb 2008 07:15 AM
It is a very special day today, yup, Happy 1500th daily feature! The IEM daily feature started just over 6 years ago and has been entertaining and informing (note the order) the public most every day. The featured image is a montage of individual 6x6 pixels from each daily feature image. You can see how much I love White in the image.

Good: 21
Bad: 23

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IEM Quilt of Features. A 6x6 pixel taken from each feature. Click image for full screen version.

1000th Feature!

14 Feb 2006 05:11 AM
Today is a great day! Today is the celebration of the IEM's 1,000th feature! After 4 years of features, we continue to come up with something interesting and, most importantly, an unique feature title most every day. Since we live in a democracy, you got a chance to vote on the daily feature starting in 2005. It is no coincidence that the highest rated feature is the only one with my picture in it. The irony of the text in that feature was that the camera was nearly hit by a weak tornado in September 2005. Some of my favorite features include: MCC, MCS, MCV equals MESS, A pile of data!, Tornado or Not Tornado?, Insurance Policy, and Hot, Hot, Hot. Care to share yours?

Good: 23
Bad: 14

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3 years of features

04 Feb 2005 06:44 AM
Today is the third anniversary of the IEM Feature. Back in 2002 the daily feature was added as a way to keep people updated with what is going on with the IEM. We have posted 739 features since then and are flattered that so many people enjoy reading it each day. It looks like Mother Nature wishes to commemorate the anniversary with near record warmth today! Temperatures may be even warmer than some of those cold days back in August 2004.

Good: 30
Bad: 5

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Live look at the IEM Data Coffer courtesy of Walt Disney.

A pile of data!

05 Jun 2003 07:25 AM
Can you guess how many observations the IEM databases hold? ... The answer is over 350 million! Most of these observations are available for download. Check out the download pages for the ASOS, RWIS, AWOS, ISU AG, SchoolNet, and COOP networks.

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Sample plot from the application.

RWIS Pavement Temps Plotting

27 Feb 2003 08:40 AM
Since the weather is so boring right now, we will be highlighting various IEM web applications in the coming days. Today's app is the dynamic RWIS pavement temperature plotter. These plots illustrate a wide variety of physical processes that occur in pavement.

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Icon denoting a GIS Ready! product.

GIS Ready!

10 Feb 2003 07:03 AM
Today the IEM announces its 'GIS Ready!' initiative. Look for this icon to appear with links to GIS ready data. Also check out notes and presentation from the upcoming AMS annual meeting.

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Welcome School Net Data

13 Feb 2002 08:36 AM
With the help of KCCI in Des Moines, the IEM is proud to announce the addition of KCCI's School Net data. We are pursuing data from other TV networks as well.
Shown above is a partial network plot valid this morning.

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