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Godzilla El Nino

19 Oct 2015 05:36 AM
Much is currently being made about the very strong El Nino, which some have labelled as a "Godzilla El Nino". The concern is the impact of this on our upcoming winter season. The relationship between Iowa's weather and the El Nino is not simple as it takes time for its effects to be felt, if at all. The featured chart displays a monthly time series of El Nino 3.4 index and average Iowa monthly temperature departures. The current El Nino is the strongest since 1997.

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El Niño Impact?

25 Aug 2015 05:22 AM
The strengthening El Niño over the Pacific Ocean is currently generating many headlines as the current forecasts have the strength reaching levels not seen before since records began in 1950. In fact, one forecaster referred to this situation as a "Godzilla El Niño." The featured chart looks at the combination of August Southern Oscillation Index (SOI) and September plus October average temperature and total precipitation for Iowa. The color of the dots represent the SOI index. The relationship shown is not clear cut. You can generate this chart online and compare the SOI value from some number of trailing months to a summary number of months of your choice.

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Recent Monthly Departures

02 Oct 2013 05:45 AM
The featured chart displays the combination of recent monthly precipitation departures for Ames along with the monthly El Nino 3.4 index value. Many scientists believe that the El Nino index, which determines if we are in La Nina or El Nino condition, is correlated with longer timescale temperature and precipitation in the United States and elsewhere. The chart nicely shows the drought periods of the past two years and the wet periods of 2008 and 2010. This October looks to turn wet for the rest of the week with showers arriving late this evening.

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