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Caucus Temperatures

02 Feb 2016 05:32 AM
The weather for the Iowa Caucus yesterday mostly cooperated with the only issue being dense fog in some areas. The featured chart displays the 7 PM air temperatures as reported by the Des Moines Airport for each of the Caucus days since 1972. Last night's temperature was the second warmest value. The politicians, pundits, and paparazzi have been replaced now by a major winter storm with blizzard conditions expected today over northwestern Iowa.

Good: 24
Bad: 19
Abstain: 9

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Hawkeye Cauci

03 Jan 2012 03:34 PM
The weather looks to be good for the Iowa Presidential Caucus this evening with dry conditions and temperatures just above freezing forecasted. The featured chart presents air temperatures reported around 7 PM at Des Moines for past caucus dates.

Good: 10
Bad: 8

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Iowa Caucus 2004

Weather Caucus

19 Jan 2004 06:14 AM
Today is the big day. Unfortunately, today is also going to be a very cold day. The key word is 'viable'. If less than 15% of you support this weather, it will be deemed 'not viable'. Temperatures should be in the single digits this evening with a wind chill below zero. The good news is that it will be dry and the airplanes will have no trouble hauling everyone away tomorrow.

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