This application allows you to search of Storm Prediction Center outlooks by point. The data presented is based on unofficial processing and archving done by the IEM.

Troubles downloading Excel File?
It turns out that making an export to Excel option that works for all variants of Microsoft Office and web browsers is very difficult. Here are some tips.
  • When you "Export to Excel", you should get a file saved in your downloads folder with a .xml ending.
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Beta Testing!!!
This application is in beta phase to get some friendly testing and feedback. There are likely some bugs and rough spots here, so please let daryl know your feedback.

1. Search for Outlooks by Point

This section allows you to specify a point on the map below by dragging the marker to where you are interested in. Once you stop dragging the marker, the grid will update and provide a listing of the outlooks found.

Either enter coordinates manually:
Latitude (deg N):
Longitude (deg E):
List Most Recent Event(s)
Select Outlook: Day 1   Day 2   Day 3
Select Category: Categorical   Hail   Tornado   Wind

Or drag marker to select coordinate: